Inga Sempé

Contributed by Philip Wood

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The work of Inga Sempé was recently evident at Stockholms design week with two exhibitions. As well as being guest of honor at the trade fair—which forms the heart of the design week—where she installed a 200 square meter lounge for attendees showcasing her work, there was also opportunity to view an exhibition of sketches and models off site at the local ice skating pavilion (interesting choice of venue).

Sempés work at first glance may seem standard European designer fare and her choice of product typology would support that initial judgment with the range of home furnishings, but look more closely and you’ll find much more at play. The w103c lamp for Wästberg is a good example of her sensibility, the initial premiss of upturning the clamp that holds the light to the desk allows a level of engaged interaction with the light that brings both a clear understanding of its mechanism butalso a kind of tautology in basic physics. Another example of an intention to create discovery through whimsy is the series of cabinets for Edra titled Brosseliterally Brush, which curtains a series of shelving with long nylon brushes obscuring the storage and creating a kind of angular and well groomed beast that sits guarding your valuables.

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