Design Bite – 18 Reasons

Contributed by David Pierce

Photo by Paul Dyer

Bi-Rite’s 18 Reasons is gaining momentum and grabbing the attention of both the food and art communities alike.  18 Reasons may be the newest member of Bi-Rite’s Family of Business, but their ideas are stead fast and have been encouraging wholesome  collaboration for some time.  Opening in their new location on 18th Street in San Francisco’s Mission District in mid-2011, 18 Reasons seamlessly blends into community space, event venue and gallery, and sustainable workspace .  This non-profit is nothing short of inspiring, and their message continues to grow along with its recent interior additions.  Read on after the jump.

Photo by Paul Dyer

OHIO is a proud partner in the 18 Reasons full-circle design process.  We paired with architect Cass Calder Smith, principal of CCS Architecture, and Bi-Rite owners Anne Walker and Sam Mogannam to develop the 18th street location that encourages the idea of sustainability thoughtfully through the use of materials and furniture.  OHIO’s Adler Table added a level of flexibility – users can quickly adjust the surface allowing the table to adapt to the changing environment.

I sat down with David Pierce, owner here at OHIO to gain insight on the design process.

Leann B:  When were you first introduced to the 18 Reason’s project?
David PWe first met about the project in 2010 as they were doing demolition.  This allowed us to salvage a lot of the material that went back into the design.  Otherwise it would have been thrown out or “buried” back into the walls.

Photo by Paul Dyer

Leann B:  How did you become involved?
David P:  Cass [Calder Smith] the architect recommended us to the owner Sam Mogannam.  Sam had also heared about us through some other people so the writing was on the wall that we should be doing this project.
For our interiors, we only take on projects  that interests us or for  nice people and this qualified on both levels.  Cass did the base building and he had some ideas about the interior, but he really gave a  wide berth on coming up with some ideas ourselves.  It was great to collaborate with someone that respects your vision as well.  I completely subscribe to that saying “a rising tide floats all boats.”  It seems like the sooner we can get “in” on a project, the more the clients win.  We know what  designs work efficiently and this gives us an edge.

Photo by Paul Dyer


Leann B:  What is OHIO’s contribution to 18 Reasons?
David P:  Well, what we wanted to do is use as much of the  original material from the building in the design.  Ohio’s goal is always to make a simple honest and refined interior or a piece of furniture.   When we have the choice to add or remove a detail….we always try to take it away or refine it more.  We want the space to feel comfortable, yet visually clean.    We could not get completely there on the is one, but I  feel we got pretty close.  There was a lot of program in this space that we had to address.  In the end, it seems like people are responding well to it.

We’d like to thank CCS Architecture & Paul Dyer and Bi-Rite for providing images of 18 Reasons.  For more information on 18 Reasons log on to Also check out their  2012 Calendar of Events.